Player Profiles

Chris'Chocolate Salty Balls''Chris Standards','Three Bean','Dad','Doctor Octopus'Salt 57.RHB.
Top order Batsman. Chucker of high-pies. Once when acting as a linesman at the Goldstone..crowd sang 'Mr Bean , Mr Bean , Give Us A Wave !!'
Curry House in Bath now (in)famous for a Salty 'chuck'.
Wants to be Nana Mouscouri...but looks the spitting image of Stig O'Hara from 'The Ruttles'..
In his own words , "I play the reverse sweep like a paraplegic...."
Plays his best on bad wickets - many a time Salty has held firm as batters the other end are ducking - he has also notched a couple of hundreds for Manor...although not for the 1st XI..yet...
His 'Mr Sensible-Head' make him 'Dad' on tour as we all trust him to lead us around Munich's/Cork's/Brussels'/Copenhagen's/Lisbon's/Malta's underground/overground train/tram system.
This alone won him the Clubman award in 2007. Not that being fixture secretary for 25+ years had gone un-noticed. His son is not called 'Rock'.
His steady play over many years saw him pass 10,000 Club Runs - only the 6th player to do that. With a number of seasons playing at Pulborough on Saturday's through the latter 90's he could feasibly be sitting in 2nd place on the list of run-scorers.
His reaching of the 9000 1st XI/1000 2nd XI milestones were both passed in 2010 amid confusion surrounding what was actually needed on the day he was within touch of the 10,000!
His last two knocks of the summer, 38no and 61no saw him jump from 3rd to top spot in the Batting Averages to win the Batting Cup for the 1st time - in his 25th season for the club.
He may not be the quickest scorer. In fact he's one of the slowest, but as Boyc's said, just look in the book. That said, he's hit 50+ 6's.
Passed 700 matches and 14,678 club runs and sits solidly in 2nd place in clubs greatest run-getters. Fielding can be relied on as ever, especially in the mid-off club.
2022 Another solida season from the Skipper. 458 runs at 26.5 with a 50. Dropped down order a couple of times to give others a chance, so missed out on another 500 run season. Played his 700 th 1st XI match, only Reynolds and Luckhurst having previously reached that milestone.
CAREER STATS - (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 770, Runs 14,678 @ 24.50, 4x100 61x50, High 101, 27 Wickets @ <>20, Best 4-16.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 2010, 2011 - Clubman 2007, Presidents Cup 2013.

Dave'Pilsbury','Smithy','Smudge','Smuffy','Smidge','Muppet','Dave Roberts','Comedy Dave','Pob','Doc Cox',
'Peanut','Golden Arm','Chocolate Puma','Dave-Boy-Smith','Davis Davis','Chilli-Bruce','Cok Wok'Smith
.54.RHB.Top Order Batsman. One of LM's most consistent Batsmen.Supports the Glory Hornet Boys (That's Watford FC!).
Bats with the same style to that of David Gower, only taller, and right handed, hanging baskets over the years have had the benefit of being watered by Mr Smith...His leg-bye to gully followed by team-mate being run-out is stuff of legend. So is his bowled delivery to the square-leg umpire some years ago which is why his bowling has been moth-balled for years.If available he is always picked and having played over 700 matches for the club is one of the most experienced. The raw-talent of the late 1980's has come a long way.
Now third highest run scorer for club. Though about 6,500 behind Mr Reynolds!In reaching a 700th match for club - only 5 others have done that.
2022 played just 8 matches, with 172 runs in 5 completed innings, including a classy 50 in win at Bosham 2nds.

CAREER STATS. (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 731, Runs 14,173 @ 23.98 11x100, 67x50, High 123no, 151 Wickets @ 20, 5x5w, Best 5-26.

Awards- 1st XI Batting 2006, 2008, 2009 - All-Rounder 1996

Steve'Beefy','Beef','Buddah Shrewsbury','Lovebird'Luckhurst 55.RHB.
Website creator/Statto
All-Rounder/Line and Length Trundler.
1998 would have been 9th consec. season of 50 plus wkts but for '97 when missing 2 months after breaking wrist.(!!). Was once a specialist 1.50am dancer.Had a name-check on the Zoe Ball Radio show...she was unsure of the 'Beefy' bit !. Hazy mis-read the 'Killer' Dartboard in Munich to announce, 'Beefy is Shrewsbury ?' had actually said 'Rubbish' - after everyone ganged up and put paid to any hopes of back-to-back tour wins!. Scorers in Copenhagen mis-heard the 'bowlers name'....and wrote 'Lovebird' in the book!
Taker of 5 Hat-Tricks, had a 7-7-0-4 spell ruined by dropping a dolly caught-and-bowled, which wasnt a suprise!. Once trundled for 24 overs in a match a record broken by Jeff Read. Passed 100 'sixes'...and more importantly... the 1,000 wicket mark. Has taken wickets in Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Malta in 2010, where the 3rd was the 900th!
Only two players have played more matches for Manor (next in list is just 10 ahead!), 721 for 1st Team appearance is now only behind Reynolds 749. Passed 5,000 career runs- to join Rickard and Reynolds in the 5000 run/ 500 wicket Club.

2022 Steady returns with the ball, with 25 wickets at 23 to finish 3rd in the bowling averages - the highlight the 5-39 against Bosham II to help win the opening league match. Just 16 from being the clubs leading wicket taker.
Now just 1 hit from 100 1st XI sixes!
CAREER STATS - (1's & 2's Combined).
Matches 783, 5,540 Runs @ 14.8, 9x50, High 93no, Wickets 1,142 at 17.97, 31x5w, Best 8-45

Awards- 1st XI Bowler 1994,1995,1997,2011,2012 - All-Rounder 1990,1993,1999 -Young Player 1988, Presidents Award 2013. Slam Bowler 2021.
League Bowler 1995,1998 Clubman 2005

Owen'Owes','Voicey','Captain Caveman','Vinegars','Cymbals','Ridley','Sideshow','Swiss Tony','Big Fat Dave Whitcomb','God','Paul Van Der Kerkoff','Mr C','Boffo'Voice 55.RHB. Keeper. 2nd XI Opening Bat...Welsh(!) - looks like 'Scouser' 'Ron Jeremy' 'Bobby Ball' 'Terry McDermott'...has Richard Gere's hair......Takes nothing seriously..except not being serious....Quickest thing on two the bar ! - Has just been re-erected, sorry, re-elected, as Chairman of the club! - a position he is proud to hold.
Dropped the dolly of all dolly's on the 2005 Munich tour, whilst standing up, the ball was top-edged straight up - about 7 foot off the ground - but came down and clipped the ends of the Gloves with open-mouthed astonishment all-round. Then a big cry of 'Ker-ching' from the fielders.
No matches in 2020/21/22 due to living in China....he'll be back one day...maybe to play his 400th match.
CAREER STATS. (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 398, Runs 4,467 @ 14.84 12x50, High 91, 6 Wickets @ 16, Best 2-6, Catches 178 catches, 5 Stumpings
Awards - 2nd IX Batsman 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 - Fielder 1990,1994 Clubman 2003

Andy'Ruby','Rubes','Freddie Flintoff','Roooobs','Thanos'Murray47.RHB..
Manor's answer to Andy Flintoff....well, he looks like Fred!
.Has had the misfortune to have played in all 3 matches where opponents have scored in excess of 380 ..(namely 394-6 , 381-2 and 424-4) those 3 matches his combines bowling figures read....24-0-260-4.- at least he took a 3rd of the wickets!
Is a regular 6-biffer.
The highlight of 2008 was undoubtedly his appearance on 'The Weakest Link' where he came third "stitched up by Army Boy and a Student"
His own introduction of 'I'm Firty Fwee' went down well with Anne Robinson - who of course took the mick from then on.
Passed the 3,000 career runs/300 career wickets DOUBLE.
2022 Hit maiden 1st XI 50 as Manor chased down target against Littlehampton 3rds and also took regular wickets through season.
CAREER STATS. - (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 320, Runs 3,225 @ 14.86, 6x50, best 69, 355 Wickets @24.9 4x5w, best 6-32
Awards - Clubman 1999, 2nd XI Batsman 2005, 2nd XI Bowler 2003,2014, All-Rounder 2003, 2005, 2019, 2021.

Nick'Fudgie','Brownie','Fudge Din Dins','FDD','Toy Box','Ricky Martin' Brown 49.RHB.Improving batsman. Ex-medium trundler. "record breaking keeper"
Munich tourist who gained a new nick-name with the classic "where are we having Din-Dins tonight" - the 'fudge' element goes without much explanation. One of only three players to have taken a wickets with the first ball bowled for the 1st XI. Had established himself as the 2nd XI's opening bowler - only for the 2nd XI to fold!
Was at the centre of the 'exploding ball' incident during Jaffa's Testimonial match- (Beefy bowled an apple to which Nick probably played his best ever shot - the apple simply disintergrated !
Career highlight so far was winning the 2nd XI bowling Cup in 1999 and then regaining it in 2010! - or was it opening the Batting for the Sunday XI at Staplefield in 2007 - he was run out for not many when a fify was there for the taking.
2014 A career best 90no when in partnership with Hazy the 2nd XI record for the 3rd wicket was broken after 37 years!

2022-Club wicket-keeper - taking 20 catches for summer (most since 1999) as well as a rare stumping. His 16 catches in league games was a new league record, which he bringing up in conversation.
Played 350th club match..passed 2500 runs.Sterling effort as Team and Club secretary
CAREER STATS. - (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 351, Runs 2,647 @ 12.55, Best 90n, 6x50, 215 wickets @ 30.5, 2x5, best 5-21

Awards - 1st XI Bowler 2013, 2nd XI Bowler 1999 - Clubman 2008

Andy, 'Longie','Lettuce',Long. RHB. . over 40 now!
Had been a solid bat from 2000 to 2007, chipping in with runs for both XI's including 243 @ 27 which won him the 2nd XI Batting Cup in 2003 with 3x50's inc a 71. But with the 2nd's folding in 2005 his enhusiasm waned and he stopped playing altogether. His bowling 'on the lettuce' length on tour was more than handy too.
Roll on 2010 and he was back and piling up the runs with greater gusto than before.
Won 1st batting cup in 2016 and scored his maiden Manor ton!
2022 only a few games, didnt do himself justice - but scored enough to pass 3,000 club runs, he'll be back in 2023 to rack up the runs.
CAREER STATS - (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 160, Runs 3,041 @21.4, 1x100, 13x50, High 102, 12 Wickets @ 33, Best 3-9.

Awards - 1st XI Batsman 2016, 2nd XI Batsman 2003.

Henry 'Henners','Kingky' King. 27. Right hand bat.
Came to the club as a teenager in 2010 and has been playing irregularly ever since - however, it is hoped with this Funeral Service business going well, we might see more of him.
2022 Having scored a maiden 50 some years ago, the 2022 season saw 9 appearances, the most for some years, and with that a new found enthusiasm and results on this pitch. He'd never played so fluently before and ultimately made 183 in 7 completed innings with a career best 73 whilst haring a 175 partnership with Cheal (98). In that he hit the shot of the season - a straight six past the East trees. A quick 48no and 36 followed later in season too. Hoping we'll see more of him in 2023 - and perhaps his keeping too, which has always been promising.
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's Combined)
Matches 71, Runs 728 @ 11.9, High 73, 3x50's, 1 wickets @ 49, Best 1-18

Darren 'Radders' Radford. 40-odd. Right hand bat.
New to club in 2011 he soon showed his Somerset junior XI experience hadn't been forgotten!
Won his 4th Batting Cup in a row during 2015, something never done before. Won his first bowling cup too!
2022 Getting back to playing more regularly, he played 10 matches, with a top score of 38 in his 141 runs at 20. His bowling was as acurate as ever and saw him just 1 wicket short of the bolwing Cup as his 14 wickets cost just 14 each with a (Mmanor) best of 4-9
Career average over 27.5 is right up there - only a handful have ever averaged more than 30 in their careers. Next match will be 100th for club.
His 17.6 bowling average is also the lowest of current bowlers (bar a few part-time players).
During 2022 he passed 2,000 Club runs and 100 Club Wickets- only the 20th player to have achieved that 'double' in 100 years!.
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's Combined)
Matches 99, Runs 2,094 @ 27.9, High 84no, 12x50's, Wickets 109 @ 17.6, Best 4-9

Awards - 1st XI Batman 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, All-Rounder 2012, 2014 - 1st XI Bowler 2015

James 'Jimmy' Francis. 28. Right hand bat.
Had been penciled in as long-term spearhead of 1st XI attack, but hasn't played much in recent year. As a tearaway bowler, off a short run, he could generate good pace - and a 5-12 league spell when in his late teens showed he could do it at a good level. Still young enough to come back and lead the attack. Hit a sunday 50 too along the way as batting promise too. Not everyone has a 50/5w haul in their teens for the club.
2022 no games as new baby came along. Hope to see him back in 2023
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 57, Runs 307 @ 11, 1x50, High 52n, Wickets 75 @ 21, 2x5w, Best 5-12

Awards- Young Player 2013

Yasir 'Yaz' Iqbal. RHB. 31 years old'ish.
A couple of games in 2013 including a 40-odd on debut and spearing bowling saw potential indeed.
Just needs to swap his career batting and bowling averages going forward!
Scorer of a ton and has a best of 6-for, all-rounder stats not matched by many. When his batting gets going...he doesn't hang around!
2022Having moved to West Chiltington, Yaz played for them for 2022. He did return for the last friendly of the season, with hopes we can drag him back for 2023!
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's Combined)
Matches 106, Runs 1,700 @ 21.2, High 109. 1x100, 5x50, Wickets 123 @ 23.7, 2x5w , best 6-17

Awards- 1st XI Batsman 2017, 1st XI Bowler 2016, 2017, 2020, 2021- All-Rounder 2016, 2017, 2020

Waleed 'Waz' Iqbal. RHB. 30 years old'ish.
Having played a few games on and off - and a couple of seasons of no games - always showing potential and a hard hit 50 seen along the way - he was always going to be a major asset if playing regularly and given the chance to impress.
In 2021 he scored 8 50's in succession - and in scoring 750+ runs for the summer was head and shoulders above everyone. His 145no was one of the highest scores for the club.
2022- left the club for West Chiltington alongside his brother, Yaz. There he racked up runs and won their 3rd XI Batting cup. Unlikely to see him back anytime soon, but you never known.
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's Combined)
Matches 63, Runs 1,743 @ 35.5, High 145no. 2x100, 11x50, Wickets 52 @ 25, best 4-9

Awards- 1st XI Batsman 2020.

Fin 'chin feel','chinny' Cheal. 21. Right hand bat.
Future long-term spearhead of 1st XI attack...alongside Burns..Moreland...etc
2022 Perhaps the player of the summer. 516 runs at 32 (with 83x4 and 8x6) included a maiden 100 against Streat as well as a 98 in league game at home to Eastergate. He was also leading wicket taker at 31 wickets at 21.9 to finish runner-up in the averages. Having finished one match with 3 wickets in 4 balls, his next saw 3-5, so 6-5 in 22 balls!.
Played his 100th 1st XI match and took his 100th wicket too. Unfortunately for Manor, he's travelling the world in 2023 so we wont see him at all!
Matches 103, Runs 870 @ 19, best 104, 1x100 2x50. Wickets 111 @ 30, Best 4-22

Awards- 1st XI All-Rounder 2022.

Jamie 'Monty' Burns. 21. Right hand bat.
Future long-term spearhead of 1st XI attack...alongside Cheal, Moreland etc
returning to club, he amassed 21 wickets at 13 to easily in the bowling cup for 1st time. Alongside fellow teenage tear-away Cheal, they have much potential to be opening bowlers for years, providing no distractions!
2022 Just two matches before work took him away. Talented all round player who would be opening bowler and top 4 batter when he plays.
Matches 29, Runs 219 @ 18, High 46n, Wickets 42 @ 19, Best 4-16

Awards- 1st XI Bowler, 2019.

Harry 'H' Moreland. 21. left arm bowler, Right hand bat.
Future long-term spearhead of 1st XI attack...alongside Cheal...Burns.. etc
2019 - memorably took a treble wicket maiden in first over of league match V Chips. Also hit a 33 (retired out/off to work) and was clubs leading 6 hitter for season with 4!
2022 Work commitments reduced appearances, but still one for the future - left-arm bowlers are a rarity. He scored his maiden 50 against Streat and took 14 wickets, often unlucky and not getting his rewards. Lined up to be the Vice-Skipper for 2023.
Matches 93, Runs 468 @ 9.5, High 56, 1x50, Wickets 87 @ 29.8, Best 5-30.

Awards- Young Player 2013

Mark'Rocky'Roberts. 58. Left hand bat/bowler.
Much improved, season by season, given that Mark only joined the club at 50s, his batting has improved year by year - his enthusiasm and commitment to club is not in question - first to arrive etc. Needs to stop wearing black socks with his trousers tucked in!
In 2019 he hit 33...before top edging into his head and being carted off to hospital with blood everywhere - 'Rocky' was born.
2022 173 runs at 24, but like a man possessed he hit a 40no at Bosham II to see us home as he swung the bat to great effect. He later scored a maiden 50 against Angmering but it was hit bowling, with 27 wickes at 16.8 that will make 2022 memorable for him. Comfortably winning the bowling cup. Always first/second/third change, he often ripped out the lower order. A best of 4-21 too.
Just 9 matches away from 150 for the club - in just a 9th season.
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 141, Runs 787 @ 9.5, High 68n, Wickets 56 @ 21, Best 4-21

Awards- 1st XI Bowler 2022.

Lee 'Mr Tumble' Stevens. 45. Right hand bat/catcher of blinders.
Cant fauly Lees effort and enthusiasm. Takes one blinding catch per season and shows the off glimps of batting ability - just need it more often to cement that middle order position.
2022 Just 83 runs for summer, but his 41 in a league win over Clymping saw us race to vicory when in a tricky run-chase. Enthusiastic Treasuer and husband of tea-maker Sue!
Matches 69, Runs 355 @ 7, High 41

Adam 'Cheesy','PC DC Cheese' Ingleby. 34. Right hand bat.
Showed promise in the few games he played and has potential to hold down a middle order birth in coming years.
2022 Work took him away from the club for all but 2 games. Great team man and we hope to see more of 'Cheesy' in 2023
Matches 22, Runs 138 @ 8, High 38, 3 Wickets @20, Best 2-42.

Liz 'Wiz','Tassels' Hegarty. 50. Right handed club scorer and batter.
Club scorer and partner of Steve Luckhurst! - when not scoring with an increasing number of colour pens, she's helping out on the field - and not just the dog-poo clearer!
Late to the game as player, she is determined to get a double figure score, though it might mean going in sooner in the order as has often been left high and dry at no.11 as others have got out!
2022 Played 6 matches, walked to crease in 3 (though in one she didn't face as Roberts got out the other end!).
Played shot of career when playing an immaculate straight drive at Angmering for 2 runs which got held up in the April grass and deprived her a maiden boundary!.
Matches 14, Innings 7, Runs 6 @ 1.2, High 3, Yet to bowl!

Nathan 'Gnat','Mozzy' Curran. 33. Right hand bat.
Showed grit and determination in debut season for club. Fastest fielder who took 10 catches in only 15 matches - matching the record number of catches for fielder in debut season.
2022 168 runs at 15 with top score of 39 (and one other 30+) was a fine effort in debut season. Bowlers wish we had more fielders like him - tearing around the field as well as actually stopping the ball and able to throw it too!
Bowling is something to build on too. Looking forward to an even better 2nd season.
Matches 16, Runs 168 @ 15, High 39, 3 Wickets @25, Best 2-23.

Rick 'Hulk','Beast' Kelly. 42. Right hand bat.
Man mountain and a six hitter not seen since the days of Pete Daly.
2022 Standing at 6'4 Rick hit 17 sixes in just 15 innings. Never missed out on the chance of whacking them. He scored at 63 runs per hour in making 265 runs at 22. He hit a maiden 50, 66no at Boxgrove which included 23 off one over 6,2,4,4,6,wide,1.
He plans to go for the season record of 25 sixes held by Dan Griffin. His bowling and fielding came on (as expected as an ex-goalkeeper he held most chances) including the catch of the summer in the gully off Cheal at Eastergate.
Sustained a bloodied nose at Hillbarn (see day after photo on left!), but continued with blood spattered whites/pads to the amazement of everyone. Often calling out players for 'being made of sugar' we're happy he's on our side - he's been a fine addition to the club.
Matches 17, Runs 265 @ 22, High 66no, 1x50, 8 Wickets @20.5, Best 2-3.

Ash 'Hero','Paris','Travelodge' Hilton. 42. Right hand bat.
Stalwart of Angmering CC for many years, he was accosted one morning on the train by skipper Salt and persuaded to help Manor out.
He enjoyed it so much he stayed, then won the batting cup with 385 runs at 42 with 2x50 and an amazing stoic consistency.
Scores of 45, 47no, 46, 17, 41, 37, 39, 59, 0, 0, 54no. One of those ducks was a golden too just when we thought he wasn't human!.
Bowled a few trundlers too. Says he'll be back in 2023 to defend his Cup!
Matches 11, Runs 385 @ 42.78 High 59, 2x50, 6 Wickets @31, Best 2-20.

Awards- 1st XI Batter, 2022.