News Update: 30th January 2024

Welcome to the all new-look (new logo!) fun packed website where you will find all sorts of goodies relating to LMCC - we celebrated our Centenary in 2022!

2024 Season. New Skipper appointed in Darren Radford, who had skippered a promotion back in 2014. Fin Cheal as Vice Captain.

2024 Summer Nets

Held each Tuesday, 5.30pm to 7pm on the Manor - we have a bowling machine ! - check twitter/instagram/facebook etc for news.


Senior membership 45
Junior (Under18) /Student membership 15
Senior member match fee 9 ( 6 if no tea provided). First game for club is free!
Junior (Under18) /Student member match fee 6
If you didn't spot it, basically the match fee is 9 for a senior regardless if you are a member or not - as we always had, the fee is the same. Members will simply take priority when teams are being picked.

TEAS - 2024

When Sue isn't providing the best teas in living memory, members will be requested to provide teas for home games, agree or find someone else to do them - spend up to max 40 - providing an array of sandwiches, savouries, cakes etc - don't forget milk and maybe tea-bags & sugar (ask previous tea maker re supplies!)


Potential/reachable personal targets for players:


1st XI Runs.
Chris Salt, 261 runs for 14,000 runs.
Dave Smith, 22 runs for 13,000 runs.
Steve Luckhurst, 17 runs for 5,000 runs.
Andy Long, 1 run for 2,000 runs.
Mark Roberts, 124 runs for 1,000 runs.
Ash Hilton, 239 runs for 1,000 runs.
Henry King, 84 runs for 500 runs.
Lee Stevens, 102 runs for 500 runs.
Adam Ingleby, 252 runs for 500 runs.

1st XI Wickets.
Steve Luckhurst, 24 wickets for 1,100 wickets.
Fin Cheal, 27 wickets for 150 wickets.
Darren Radford, 26 wickets for 150 wickets.
Harry Moreland, 3 wickets for 100 wickets.
Mark Roberts, 17 wickets for 100 wickets.

1st XI Catches.
Steve Luckhurst, 6 catches for 150 catches.
Nick Brown, 12 catches for 100 catches.
Fin Cheal, 8 catches for 50 catches.

1st XI Matches.
Steve Luckhurst, 11 matches for 750.
Chris Salt, 20 matches for 750.
Dave Smith, 2 matches for 650.
Owen Voice, 1 match for 300.
Nick Brown, 13 matches for 250.
Andy Murray, 4 matches for 200.
Mark Roberts, 3 matches for 150.

1st XI Sixes.
Rick Kelly, 6 sixes for 50 Sixes.

CLUB Matches.
Chris Salt, 11 for 800 matches.

Website Update: 5th April 2024

Website has had a refresh - new logo, new layout, new sponsor links!

All the stats have been uploaded now that the 2023 season has finished. The club handbook as well as the 1st Records, Career Figures and the 1922-2023 season by season averages. A lot of numbers!.
Old photos have been loaded, from our first game of the re-start in 1935, the XI that got to the Knock-Out Cup final in 1938, another of a losing cup final XI in 1950, the 1953 side at Petworth Park , the 1956 XI, a touring XI from 1957, a couple of 'walk on' player shots and another version of the 1965 picture from another visit to Petworth Park. A newspaper photo from 1965, 26th July.

Three photos from the 1981 summer have been found/uploaded.
Great new photo of the 1958 Touring XI has come to be. Within the photo gallery section it includes some of the great players of the 50's and 60's.

Also, thanks to former 2nd XI Skipper, Tony Manze, we now have a photo of the 1987 touring squad. Find it in the Photo Gallery/Tour Photos section.

New link to LMCC's play cricket page - data extracted from League Website, so lots of fixtures and more stats than Beefy can poke his bat at.

Player profiles will soon be updated ahead of the 2024 season.

2023 Averages are now uploaded and inside the '2023 Handbook' link.

The Career Stats for 1st/2nd XI and Records sections include the whole of the 1922-2023 period!

Some of the older photos have been re-scanned and uploaded - photos of the 1935, 1962 and 1965 teams!

The 'Hall of Fame' page has been added too - what with the newly found archives and known 'stars' of the past - Lionel Waton, Len Punter, Ray Knight, Frank Allen, Ken Batchelor, Tom Dix, Ian Pitt, Tony Watts, Gerry Dawson, Neil Hewitt, Gerry Price and Gordon Collins, Harry Foinette and possibly the best all-round player we've ever had, Dave Rickard, are profiled.

LMCC has a Facebook page - for those who want to keep up with events via that site.

LMCC is on Twitter - for those who want to keep up with events via that site.

LMCC is on Instagram - for those who want to keep up with events via that site.

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