Hall Of Fame - From 1922 -

Cecil Peasgood.1922-26.
Along with Robert Pengelly, Cecil Peasgood dominated the bowling in the first 5 seasons of Worthing Old Grammarians history.
Along with 'MS Jones', these three bowlers took some 90% of the wickets that fell, all with astonishingly low averages.
Peasgood could also bat, a couple of 50's, including an 84no when all others failed in a score of 132 all out, but it was the 168 recorded wickets at less than 8 runs each that place Peasgood in the record books. After those first 5 years he sat atop the list of wicket-takers.
Once every 5 matches or so he took a 5-for. The best being a 7-17 during the same match he'd scored that 84no. He remains the only player to have done a match 70+/7w double.
He took 12 wickets (7-31 & 5-24) in a 2 innings match in 1926, followed in the same month by a 7-44 and 7-46 on consecutive weekends.
After the merger of 'WOG CC' and Worthing CC he continued to play for Worthing even after the reformation of WOG CC in the mid 1930's. His record stands well and perhaps was cut short of great things.
73 matches , 804 runs @13.9, high 84n , 2x50, 168 Wckts @ 7.77, 13x5w, Best 7-17

Robert Pengelly.1923-26.
Born in 1895, he was therefore in his late-20's when he joined WOG.
He was a Dentist by trade, which may have come in handy considering the state of the pitches at the time!
Shared bowling honours with Peasgood and Jones before staying with the reformed Worthing CC for the 1927 season. When WOG reformed in 1935 he failed to move. His 3 full ('24-26) seasons at WOG saw some 50 matches with a couple of 50's, which were rare for the time as well as 166 cheap wickets.
His 1924 record saw 222 runs at 18 and 47 wickets at only 6.5 each - which actually placed him 3rd in the Bowling Averages!
Similarly, 47 wickets again in 1925 were taken at 6.7 and again saw him behind Peasgood and this time Jones in the Averages.
The 3 of them took 8 to 10 of the match wickets every game. His Career Best 7-4 saw Worthing High School shot out for 29.
His 5-9 earlier in the season saw St Mary's of Shoreham out for 16!
1926 saw 254 runs and this time 64 wickets, to head the number of wickets, but yet again, he finished 3rd in the Averages.
However 14 hauls of 5 in only 55 matches is some return. Only Peter Bromley with 12 in 47 matches has a lower 5w:Matches ratio.
55 matches , 658 runs @14.0, high 78n , 2x50, 166 Wckts @ 8.30, 14x5w, Best 7-4

Melvyn Jones.1922-26.
Shared bowling honours with Peasgood and latterly Pengelly, but 'Mel' Jones was far a superior batsman to those two. Alongside Charles Skinner he recorded two opening stands of 100+. He won the Batting Cups in 1923, 1924 and 1926, finishing 2nd in 1925. His 604 runs at 35 in 1926 were the first time a batsman had passed 500 in a season. Unfortuantely, it was to be WOG's last. Along with the majority of WOG Mk1 players, he failed to reappear when WOG started again fully in the mid 1930's. Scoring 5 of the 9 club 50's in that 1926 season and his runs total and average were double the next placed.
His bowling was also astonishing by modern standards, over 130 wickets at a fraction over 8 each, including 5-9 in WOG CC's first ever match when rolling Nomads for 29. He later took 6-4 in that 1922 season to finish with 30 wickets at 9 each, to finish 5th in the averages (the winning average was 4!).
1925 saw the bowling Cup won with 32 wickets at 5 each - including a best 8-19. 1926 saw a 169 run opening partnership seal a 10 wicket win - this record stood for some 69 seasons.
An all-rounder player of some standing compared to his peers. The first WOG player to reach 1,000 Club runs and also of course the first to the 1,000 run/100 wicket double.
If only we could find out his first name!.
92 matches , 1,486 runs @18.3, high 78 , 7x50, 136 Wckts @ 8.42, 9x5w, Best 8-19

Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1923, 1924, 1926 - 1st XI Bowler 1925

Lionel Watson.1925-59.
Lionel Watson's Club career spanned 34 seasons, a record until Chris Pree's played in 2011 some 35 years after his own debut.
Watson was a lower order batsman, who had the odd half-century, but as a wicket-keeper he ranked highly in the club's history. It is a shame not every seasons' Averages show the catches, but those that do prove he was a above the standard.
He captained for some years too, taking the club to the 1938 Knock-Out Cup Final too. He held many committee positions and like many of his peers lost 6 seasons (of perhaps 20 matches per season) from his overall tally of matches.
As it was the records show over 250 matches. His season to season record was consistent, if unspectacular 4 seasons of 250+ runs with a best tally of 332 runs in the 1952 season, but for longevity - not to mention his keeping - he deserves his place in the hall of fame. His 23 (known) stumpings is only behind the record of Geoff Stanford and who knows how many his true total is.
267 matches , 2,824 runs @13.38, high 67n , 4x50, 74 Catches and 31 Stumpings.

Leonard Punter.1935-51.
Played for Grammarian's from his mid 20's until he left just before he turned 40 and had it not been for losing 6 seasons to WW2 he could feasibly have won the Batting Cup for at least another 2 or 3 more than the 4 Batting Cups that he finished with.
He played for Grammarian's rivals, Old Azurian's before and after his WOG career - reports clearly show that throughout the 1950's he continued to plunder runs for numerous teams in the area.
His record for WOG CC feasibly could have doubled or more and potentially the 10,000 milestone would have been passed.
His season to season record is very solid after a couple of matches in 1935/36 and racking up a few scores in a full 1937 season.
1938 however saw him hit 572 runs at 31.8 with a top score of 111 not out. That was scored in a partnership with William Semmonds of 217 unbroken for the 3rd wicket which still stands as a record for that wicket.
After WW2 he racked up 713 runs at 29.7 with 4x 50's not forgetting his 41 wickets at 10.1. He finished 2nd in the Batting Averages to Edgson who only scored 187 runs in 6 innings during the last month or so of the season!
1948 saw another near 500 runs to win the Batting Cup for the 2nd time. He hit 107 & 3 other 50's.
1949 saw another 681 runs at 21 with a top score of 99 the only known 99 recorded by a batsman!. 1950 and 1951 saw him win back to back Batting Cups as he scored (at the time) a record 752 runs followed by 692 runs. In that last season for WOG he hit his 3rd Hundred 110 which meant at the time of his leaving he held the top two scores for the club as well as being the Highest Run-Scorer for the Club.
His career Average of 24 is very good by today's standards and higher than anyone else of his WOG time and it wasn't until the late 1970's that his record was being passed. Of the 20 players who have now scored 4,000 runs, his average is 11th, above the likes of French, Livermore, Haggis and his contemporary, Rickard.
Having been a virtual ever-present during that 1951 season, his departure was a massive loss and one not replaced for many years.
His bowling, if only in a supporting role, still reaped over 150 cheap wickets.
194 matches , 4,436 runs @23.98, high 111n , 3x100, 20x50, 159 Wckts @ 10.61, 4x5w, Best 5-15
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1938, 1948, 1950, 1951.

Ernest 'Harry' Foinette.1935-54.
Along with Rickard was one of the best all-round players of his time. Good enough to score a Hundred in an hour and take 100 Wickets in a season. Hat-tricks, 500/500 season doubles, 50/5w match doubles, 9-for's, Winner of both Batting and Bowling Cups, Club Captain, there was little 'Harry' didn't achieve in his time. Another highlight was during the 1940 season the WOG fixture's folded due to the war, be he hopped over to Findon, where he duly won their Batting Cup.
His final record for WOG CC saw 6 seasons lost to WW2, feasibly another 1,500 runs and 350 wickets could have been added to his totals.
His 14x50 scores and 25x5 figures means that only Rickard has a better all-round milestone record.
58 wickets at 7 each won the Bowling Cup in 1938, 12 years later he took exactly 100 Wickets at 8.6 each (with 8x5) to win the Bowling Cup again. The highlight of the 1938 season was scoring 102no in 62 minutes in the quarter-final of the evening knock-out cup - an early 20Twenty format competition. WOG reached the final, but despite a crowd of some 400 watching, WOG lost the first of two finals they were to reach.
He finished 2nd to Rickard in 1952 despite 70 wickets at 9.9, including his Career Best of 9-55, which included the hat-trick. He also scored 588 runs that season at 21, finishing behind Rickard and Les Lenham in the Batting Averages.1953 was his last successful season, with 35 wickets at 10 each to win the Bowling Cup for a final time.
A Worthing School Master, he was somewhat of a extrovert player and very talented as his record suggests. Again, there are a couple of missing season stats which have reduced his final totals as well as that WW2 break.
He joined Worthing CC fully when he left WOG and played with some distinction for many years.
196 matches , 3,524 runs @20.49, high 102n , 1x100, 13x50, 448 Wckts @ 9.71, 25x5w, Best 9-55
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1949 - 1st XI Bowler 1947, 1951, 1953.

Frank Allen. 1937-1963
Skipper from 1955 until his 1962 departure, so oversaw the move of the club from Worthing to Lancing in 1958. He had played for Worthing Old Grammarian's since 1937 and had been the back-bone of the team through the 1950's- not just skippering, but holding various committee positions and by all accounts being the heart of the club and the Worthing Herald seemed to obtain reports, quotes and photo's almost each week. On field his Grammarian's stats were mainly after his earlier efforts were interupted by WW2 were when he was between 40 & 50 years old but nevertheless proved his worth.
In both 1958 and 1959 he achieved the 400 run, 40 wicket double and in fact in 1959 saw 758 runs and 53 wickets the 500/50 double that only John Lane and Simon Haggis have achieved in the 50+ years' since.
Some of his bowling stats in this era of wicket-friendly pitches: 7-28, 5-8, 5-21, 6-16, 6-40, 5-1 the last is still the best 5-for return.
A full-page profile in the Herald in June 1961 stated his best ever season was 1953 when he took 99 wickets - you'd think they would have played another game that season!. It also reported 9-28 against Arundel in 1954 saw all 9 bowled. However that appears to have been for another club as the two WOG fixtures against Arundel that summer do not record those figures. Both these were from before the Gramm's moved to Manor in 1958, but still reveal something of the bowling talent. with the bat he'd actually gone 21 seasons from his maiden 50 in 1937 to his first at the 'Manor' in 1958 - and followed with another 6 more in those 4 seasons as Skip - clearly the new 'home' was to his liking. His best season at the Manor was 1960 as he bagged the double of both Batting and Bowling Cups - something only Lenham (twice), Beale and Reynolds have subsequently achieved. His 7-28 this season helped him snare 27 wickets at 6 each as he also snapped up lots of cheap 2-for's and 3-for's
His last season, 1961, saw another 400 Run/25 Wicket season with a top score of 59 and 5-fors of 6-40 & 5-44.
The 4 'Manor' seasons had seen 7 Fifty's and 8 Five-Wicket hauls from the Skipper.
He became after Dave Rickard the 2nd bowler to reach 500 Wickets for the Club. Many more are missing from the records.
316 matches, 3,800 Runs @ 15.02, 8x50, best 66. 520 Wickets @ 13.22, 21x5w, Best 8-19.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1960 - 1st XI Bowler 1960

Dave Rickard.1938-58.
Possibly the greatest all-round player the club has had. Considering the times, the wickets and the performances of his peers, Rickards dozen seasons for the club saw some success personally in virtually all of them. His career spanned his life from 20 to 40, when he simply stopped for WOG and no record showing him playing elsewhere. He had joined from rivals Old Azurian's in 1938, bowling little (taking less than 10 wickets) and notching some 300 runs. His 29 wickets in 1939 only placed him 2nd in the Averages as Norman Mercer nipped in with 12 at 4.1 each!
After WW2 WOG started fully in 1947, with Rickards 506 runs and 88 wickets at 7 each showing his class. He won his first Bowling Cup. The next highest wicket taker had 41.
This was his first 500 Run / 50 Wicket Season.The 1948 season has very little recorded, apart from another 25 wickets at a handful each, which most likely won the Bowling Trophy again and his first hat-trick. 1949 was a barren season, only one match report mentioned Rickards' name - possibly injured, possibly working away, we will not know I guess.
1950 saw him return with a bang, 517 runs with a top score of 94 and 72 wickets at 10.8 to finish 2nd behind Foinette's 100.
1951 saw a poor batting return with no scores of 50, but he did win the Bowling Cup with 77 wickets at 9.9 each, including a season record 9x5w hauls.
1952 saw a retention of the Bowling Cup with 74 wickets at 9.6 each as a partnership with Phil Akam was formed. He again did the 500/50 double with 531 runs with the seasons only, his first for the club, hundred, 101, to finish only behind Lenham's Batting.
1953 saw another 500/50 season, but no silverware to show for it.
1954 saw an amazing season with the ball. 104 wickets at 6.66 each. This included 9-11, which remains the Club Record 1st XI figures. He took a record 10x5w hauls. He took 8-23 has Felpham reached the winning target at 62-8 thereby missing out on the chance of all 10. He also took a record 14-44 in a day during a 2-innings match (9-11 & 5-33). Two months later he took 11-62 in a day during another 2-innings match. He did however only finish second in the bowling averages as Peter Bromley's 28 cost 6.64 each, had Bromely conceeded a single further run, Rickard would have been top. This 104 remained the record until Russell Wood took 111 20 years later.
1955 saw another 74 wickets at 9 each to finish 2nd to Bromley again, who took 34 at 4.9 each! .
Rickard must have been frustrated again in 1956 when his 76 wickets at 9.8 saw him finish 2nd to Ray Knights 13 @ 5. The 3rd season in a row of finishing 2nd, 4th overall.
He did score a new Club record 146no in a match (impressive 23x4, 5x6) that he also took 5-21. The only player to have scored a Ton and taken a 5-for in the same match. His 611 runs at 30.5 did however bring his 1st Batting Trophy. That score was eventually beaten by Lenham some 27 seasons later.
1957 was average for Rickard, good for most other players of any time, Batting Average over 30 and another 30 cheap wickets.
His last season for the club was their first at their new Lancing Manor ground. He celebrated with 416 runs at 29 to win his 2nd and last Batting Trophy to go with the 4 Bowling Cup's he'd won over the years. His 1x5w innings was also in a match he scored 81 so completing another 50r/5w performance. His 5th such match. Only Lenham with 7 has more.
The list of astounding feats is long: 3 Hatricks, a recorded 64 hauls of 5xwickets, over 25+ of both 50's and 5xWickets which nobody else has achieved. It is a shame that from the age of 21 to 27 he lost 6 years to WW2 and also that he stopped at age 40. There are a number of matches missing from his record, which we are slowly completing, but that said, he can claim to be the best all-round player of his and possibly all time.
His wicket tally was eventually surpassed by Wood (more matches) and Luckhurst (many more), but potentially they lag behind him if missing records are discovered. Only Reynolds has the 5,000/500 career double too, but for dominance in both skills, Rickard stands clear. To finish runner up in Batting/Bowling 6 times to go with 6 'Titles' shows his contribution to the team.
For a 27 year span, 1956 to 1983, he held the record for top score (146no) and Best Bowling (9-11). When he retired he was both the leading run-scorer and wicket-taker for the club. Over 50 years later he stands 9th & 3rd in both lists. He still holds that Individual Bowling Record of course. His total wickets was only passed by Russell Wood in 1979.
Took 6 wickets on 18 occasions - 7 wickets on 9 occasions and 8 wickets on 4 occasions. Plus that 9-11.
286 matches , 5,288 runs @20.11, high 146n, 2x100, 27x50, 781 Wckts @ 9.36, 66x5w, Best 9-11
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1956, 1958 - 1st XI Bowler 1947, 1948, 1951, 1952

Ray Knight.RHB.1953-81.
6"4' opening bowler who's performances in the latter part of the 50's and early 60's placed him at the top of the bowling stats virtually every season he played. On the Nth/Sth newly laid square of the Manor he was said to have been virtually unplayable and the newspaper reports, averages and final stats of his prior to him moving on to Goring CC place him in the Top 5 Bowlers who've played for the club - had he stayed longer his overall record would perhaps have argued with Russell Wood in terms of quantity of cheap wickets.
In 1956 he took 13 cheap wickets to win the Bowling Cup for the first time. Retaining it in 1957 win 14 cheap wickets again.
In 1958 he took 61 wickets at 6.4 with an astonishing 7 x 5w. A best of 8-14 would remain his best for the club. He also took 7-9, 7-15, 6-14, 6-19, 6-23, 6-26 in that 1958 season.Bowling Cup no.3. He followed this with 58 wickets at 7.9 in 1959 to win the Bowling Cup for the 4th time in a row. Including a further 3x 5w the best being 7-9, 7-10, 6-15. Over the weekend of 14th/15th May he took 15.1-9-19-14 as the two 7-for's just noted were achieved. The 7-9 included a Hat-trick followed by a 4-wicket over so grabbed 7 wickets in 2 overs! He also notched over 300 runs including his top score of 53no
The 1960 season is somewhat lacking in full statistical data - but a handful of matches for him he still managed to bag 6-44 and a 50no, he could feasibly have won the Cup agin (research on-going). He was back in 1961 to take 25 wickets at 8 to take the Bowling Cup for a fifth time in 6 seasons with 2x 5w which were 7-33 and 5-11
His departure to Goring in May 1962 was reported in the Herald, such a loss to the Club, the Skipper, Frank Allen, noted.
He was the cousin of Les Lenham (they had first played on the Manor together as kids in the late 40's) which may have been instrumental perhaps in his return to the Club in 1981, by which time he was into his late 40's and for reason unknown only bowled 5 overs in 9 matches.His feats of old however see him at the top of the stats and records' pages. It is a shame there are a couple of seasons' where the full averages aren't known, that said his record is stunning to modern day players. For the 5 seasons that he played regularly, he won the Bowling Cup - and that missing 1960 season may well have meant 6 Bowling Cups in a row.
113 matches , 1,348 runs @17, high 53n , 4x50, 267 Wckts @ 9.0075, 15x5w, Best 8-14
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1961

Ken Batchelor1956-1964
Batchelor's 'Manor' career appeared to be in two distinct parts.
The debut at Lancing in 1958 saw his 30 Matches gather 352 runs at 12 with a top score of 39.
Nothing remarkable there. He did take 29 wickets at 15.5 with ultimately a Career Best 8-35 followed the next day with 5-12 so returning a weekend 13-47 which does of course mean only 16 in the rest of the summer!
The 1959 and 1960 seasons were missed entirely (the Herald reported work commitments) before he returned in 1961 with 433 Runs with a Career High 78no and another 29 wickets with 2x5, ( 6-62 and 5-35 ).
1962 saw 550 Runs at 39 with scores such as 67, 51no, 74, 55no, 40, 36no, 36 boosting the average to new levels and a 1st Batting Cup. His bowling was seen far less as others took over.
1963 then saw another couple of half-century's ( 74no, 59no ) as he again Topped the Averages to retain the Batting Cup.
The 1964 season saw only a couple of apperances and basically that was that - two run-making seasons and he was gone.
136 Matches, 2,109 Runs @ 17.58 High 78no, 8x50, 92 Wickets @ 13.80, 4x5, Best 8-35
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1962, 1963.

Tom Dix. 1959-1962. RHB - Medium Pacer
Perhaps overshadowed by firstly Knight, then Watts and Dawson in his time at the Manor, his first season for the club in 1959 saw a total of 218-24-760-53 and with that an Average of 14.3. This was somewhat boosted by his first '5-for' for the club. That just happened to be 9-15 against Worthing 'A' in June which still stands over 50 years later as the 2nd best 1st Team Bowling Figures ever, only bettered by Rickard's 9-11.
5-52 and 6-58 were his other major returns as he finished behind Knight in the Bowling Averages.
Hardly playing at all in 1960 he returned fully in 1961 with 44 wickets at 10.9 to again finish 2nd to Knight in the Averages. 4 times he took 5 wickets those being ( 7-38, 6-28, 5-22, 6-36 )
1962 saw 9 expensive (for the time) wickets in a half-dozen games as his Manor career finished. His batting saw only a single score of over 20, that being a 40no which perhaps suggests he was not a total tailender.
His overall Bowling Stats are excellent by today's standards, but do not necessarily put him ahead of the clutch of bowlers of his time.
46 Matches, 224 Runs @ 10, High 40no, 122 Wickets @ 14.49, 7x5w, Best 9-15

Ian Pitt.RHB.1953-1970
Opening Batsman who in the one full summer of 1955 showed himself to be head and shoulders above the rest of the Batsmen at the Manor. Duly winning the batting Cup, he therefore decided to move on to bigger things elsewhere, Worthing CC.
He returned for a handful of games most seasons. In 1960 he'd chipped in with 65 and also 3-15 & 2-9 in his handfull of games before returning fully in 1961 (he also happened to bring his mate Tony Watts with him!) to storm the Batting Cup with 635 runs at 27.6 only one other player averaged more than 20 as Pitt also scored the first hundred, 103, since the club moved moved to the Manor in 1958. (Although Les Lenham being bowled for 98 in the last over before tea earlier in the season had nearly beaten him to it).
He scored 3 further 50's including an amazing 81no out of 120 all out as the team collected 7 ducks in the innings.
He also snared 35 wickets at 14 with a best of 4-13. Over the next 8 seasons however he only batted 8 times in a dozen matches as he moved to (quite successfully) Worthing Cricket Club, sporadically turning out for the odd game. His wickets were always taken cheaply. He biffed 6 sixes in his 81 against Lancing College in 1968, the last of his 50+ innings for 'Manor'.
His career Average through the 1960's still stands well today and considering the wickets at the time these showed a batsman a class apart and it could feasibly be pushing 40 or more in the 'modern' game. Our loss was said to be Worthing's gain.
66 matches , 1,530 runs @26.38, high 103 , 1x100 9x50 , 70 Wickets at 12.11, 2x5, Best 5-23
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1955, 1961.

Tony Watts. 1961-1966.
After what could perhaps be described as an average debut season for Gramms' in 1961 (17 wickets at 14 each), Tony Watts took on the mantle of opening bowler after the departure of Ray Knight to Goring CC in May 1962.
1962 saw over 60 wickets at less than 9 each, with a best of 6-12, 5-15, 5-19, 5-34
He then took over the Captaincy in 1963 and held this for 4 summers (apart from resigning midway through '64).
1963 saw a further amazing season of more than 70 wickets at around 6 runs each as 5-6, 5-13, 5-21, 6-25, 4-9 saw a clatter of wickets most weeks. 1964 saw fewer matches as he also resigned the Captaincy in June amid reports of 'lack of support'. He still managed to rack up nearly 50 wickets whilst including the following:- 5-20, 5-21, 5-48, 4-3.
He was also selected for a representative match against Arundel as his reputation grew.
He returned in full force as Captain in 1965 with the following match hauls of 8-6, 8-11, 8-12 in a seasons' total of
355-123-683-100 - the first bowler since the 1958 're-start' to take 100 wickets in a season. As you can see, these were taken whilst conceeding less than 2 runs per over!. He took a combined 24-13-17-16 in the two games against West Chiltington who surely must have been waving the white flag when he started the second match.
His last season, 1966, saw an injury to his back that meant the first half of the season was all but lost completely - as Hewitt took the strain, but he still managed a dozen matches later in the season and reaped 25 further wickets, including another 5-for, 5-35.
His overall figures of over 300 wickets in such a short career stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats of the Club.
His non-appearance after that 1966 season is not noted - whether injury or a move to another club isn't fully known, but his record is certainly stamped all over the record books - certainly three lots of cheap 8-for's in one season is something pretty unique!
151 Matches, 963 Runs @ 9.17, High 46, 373 Wickets @ 10.02, 23x5w, Best 8-6
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1962, 1963, 1965

Gerry Dawson.RHB - 1961-1969.
After a few appearances in 1961 & 1962 (he fallen and broken a hand during '61), it was 1963 that saw the first explosive performance from this Medium Pacer. 6-36 was the first of many 5-for's to come in a season of 16 cheap wickets. He also biffed a 40no which would remain his career high. This was followed in 1964 with 33 wickets at less than 7 each to win the Bowling Cup which following a 7-39 and 5-27 saw a career best 11-2-35-9 which saw him take the first nine wickets to fall but was the first of many bowlers who fell short of the club best 9-15 that Dix took in 1959. 1965 saw a further 5x 5w performances ( 5-30, 6-31, 5-58, 5-28, 6-39 ) as a further 40 cheap wickets were taken in a dozen matches.1966 saw a drop to a dozen wickets and no 'five-fors' -
However, 1967 came back with a bang with a best season 61 wickets at 6.8 each with 8 times taking 5 or more including 2 more 7-fors' (7-33, 7-67) in only 15 matches - that's 4 wickets a game, striking every 3 overs! - to win the bowling Cup for the 1st Time - a feat he repeated in 1968 with 38 wickets at 10 with another 2x5w, inc 5-15.
1969 saw Russell Wood burst onto the scene and along with Norman Johnson and John Lane bowling many overs, Dawson only bowled 90 overs in 18 matches - he may/must have been injured in view of his previous exploits - but this was to be his last season for the Manor Club as he was to move abroad.
However, his 9 seasons' saw a great haul which on the odd occassion saw the 6's, 7's and the 9 being taken - that despite the efforts of Dix, Watts and Hewitt who seem to do it when Dawson didn't. For example in 1965, Dawson 5 times, Watts 4 and Hewitt 4 times had 5-wicket matches - a great line up.
132 Matches, 520 Runs @ 6.67, High 40no, 289 Wickets @ 11.29, 21x5w, Best 9-35
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1964, 1967, 1968

Neil Hewitt.RHB - 1963-1973.
Appeared in '63 as an 18 year old seamer who chipped in with 22 wickets at 11 each - including 2-36 off 10 overs against a David Sheppard Sussex XI in a benefit match at the Manor when all the other bowlers went round the park. That haul included 6-53 the first of 20 Career 'five-fors' - remarkable in less than 80 matches.
Therefore obtained once every four matches. He mainly played Saturday's during the first few seasons', which feasibly halved his return. Despite that, his economical stats bear testament to his ability. He had a 8-65 in 1964 which was his only 5-for that season of 16 wickets. In the bowlers' season of 1965 (whilst Watts/Dawson took 140 wickets with 9x5-fors) he chipped in with 30 wickets at 6.8 each in 8 matches, including 6-22, 5-23, 5-11, 6-37
He stormed the Bowling Cup in 1966 with 60 wickets at 5.4 each with 7 lots of 5 or more including 5-11, 5-37, 6-22, 6-23, 6-11, 7-27, 5-15. That was acheived in only 13 matches - The Worthing Herald did a big feature on him, stating that with Watts' injured, 21 year old Hewitt took the bowling on his young shoulders. The paper focussed on a period when he took 30-92 off 79 overs and in any period those figures are exceptional. He followed with 53 wickets at 11 each in 1967 with a further 5x 5w including 8-55 off a marathon 23 over spell in an all day match at Farnham either side of lunch!.
That meant 12x5w in two seasons! However, these back-to-back 50+ seasons' were the last of the major hauls as from 1968 to 1973 his returns were 10, 1, 17, 1, 0, 3 as he played a total of 21 matches in those 6 season's as he'd moved to Hampshire and when he did play his path was blocked by Johnson/Wood/Lane/Bazen/Winter. Considering his spells remained tight, (those 10 in 1968 included a career best 16.5-6-31-8 ) it confirms the potency of the Johnson/Wood pairing.
However, he finished with over 200 cheap wickets in his time at the club at roughly 2 runs per over which is superb.
Only Watts, Knight and Dawson and Rickard better his Career Average of the 34 bowlers with more than 100 wickets.
He was no real batsman, who reached 20 just the once in his time.
115 Matches, 249 Runs @ 3.77, High 20, 249 Wickets @ 11.78, 21x5w, Best 8-31
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1966

Mike Reynolds RHB.1966-1982.
Opening Batsman and Captain from 1972-1978. Scored more runs in the 1970's than any other player , 5029 - Held run-scoring record for club which is now held his son Neil. He still holds 3rd wicket partnership record (178no) from 1971 with Randall Lyon when both players hit their only Manor hundreds. Was runner-up 4 times in Batting Cup , 3 in a row 73-75. - he was also 5 times the leading run-scorer between 1969 and 1976 and finished 2nd highest in the other 3 seasons in that time too showing great consistency.
Altogether passing 500 runs in 6 different seasons. He actually passed 600 in each of the 1973,'74,'75 seasons.
His overall average may be 10-12 below the greats of the club, but during the late 60's and early 70's the game was certainly different - bowlers averaged just below/just over double figures and his fellow team-mates rarely bettered his seasonal stats - just as bowlers of today think it must have been easier to bowl in the 'old days' it must therefore have been more difficult to bat! - his near 7,000 Career Runs has still only been bettered by 8 others and being an opening Bat he certainly had fewer not-outs to boost the average.
Sadly passed away during the summer of 2000.
435 matches , 6857 runs @18.63, high 103n , 1x100 17x50 , 111 catches

John Lane RHB.1966-1982.
6'4" Medium Bowler & Big-Hitting All-Rounder
One of two players to have achieved the 4000 run/500 wicket/100 Catch career record for the 1st XI (other being Luckhurst).Only player to do the double of 500 runs/50 wkts in season twice.Took 93 wickets in 1973.Held fielding record of 21 catches in a season for 25 years until broken by Danny Griffin in 2000.Took 7 wickets or more in innings 6 times.Won Club 1st XI Batting Cup in 1975 & 3 times finished runner-up to Russell Wood in Bowling Cup...Took 68 wickets in 1972 and 77 in 1974. Once hit 22 runs off last 5 balls of an over.In 1970 in an innings of 60 he had the following scoring shots..154644644624424..This had followed early career of collecting 'ducks' , 8 in a season twice & 4 in row.Promotion to opener brought 780 runs in 1976.
340 Matches , 4416 runs @17 , high 102n , 2x100 9x50 , 561 wickets @13.90 , Best 8-27 , 31x5w , 119 catches
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1975 -

Bill WinterRHB.1968-1998.Mr Line & Length.
All-time leading wicket taker.
In 1976 he bowled off a short shuffling run-up , putting everything on the spot , he took 71 wickets @12.including 4x5w with 7-13 & 7-34 being the best.
- He even took 26 @ 5.6 for the 2nd XI to win clubs first 2nd XI Bowling Cup. Grand total of 97 wickets.
1977 Playing 33 matches he took another 71 wickets @11, 3x5w to finish 2nd again in the Bowling Cup to Russell Wood.
1978 Bowling a mammoth 492 overs he took a combined 104 wickets @10 with 10x5w at 2 runs per over.
He took 91 for the 1st XI , including 8x5w with 15 wickets in a weekend , 7-27 & CAREER BEST 8-40. but again finished behind R.Wood in the Averages for the '1st XI Bowling Cup'.
1992 Won the 1st XI Bowling Cup for 2nd time with 26 @ 9 with the remarkable figures of '10-8-2-4'.
This season he reached the milestone of 1000 wickets for the Club.
1994 Won for 5th time the 2nd XI Bowling Cup , with 36 wickets @ 8 , with 5-5 the best.
1996 Won for the 3rd time the 1st XI Bowling Cup with the minimum 15 wickets this time at 14 with best of 4-5.
1997 Signs that , now in mid-50's , his career coming to an end , with only 13 wickets in total in only 8 matches.
1998 No appearances for the 1st XI , and only 7 for the 2nds , taking 9 wickets @19.
Had taken 50 wickets in a season 8 times. Only M.Livermore & R.Wood have bettered his 104 wickets in a season.
He had taken 744 wickets for the 1st XI , & record 413 wickets for the 2nd XI.
Sadly in late 1999, aged 60, Bill passed away. His haul of wickets is likely only to be beaten by Steve Luckhurst.
793 matches , 3965 runs @12, high 68 , 3x50 , 1157 wkts @13, best 8-40 , 46x5w
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1987, 1992, 1996 - 2nd XI Bowler 1976, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1994

Dave Wood .RHB. 1967-1995. Dogged Batsman and one time slow left arm bowler.For many years Manors leading all-time run-scorer.
Career split into two distinct halves- 60'&'70's played for 1st XI and 80's & 90's for 2nds.
Scored 5000 for 1st's and 6500 for 2nd's. Won THREE 1st XI Batting Cups & SIX 2nd XI Batting Cups- Scored the second highest number of runs for 1st XI in the '70's,3963.
Scored his first 100 for club in 1991 in 24th season having scored 40 50's by then. In 1993 hit record 8 50's for 2nd's when scoring 804 runs. Only Mike Livermore has scored more in a season. Carried bat twice (joint record with N Reynolds).Once scored 53 not out when opening in an innings that lasted 64 overs ! - In total of 653 innings only hit 5 sixes which shows his technique of playing the ball down. Holds record of only 1 boundary in a 50. Strangely holds bowling record -Best strike-rate of bowlers with 50 or more wckts , wicket every 18 balls , though didn't bowl in last 18 seasons !
717 matches , 11405 runs @21.4 , best 102n , 1x100 50x50 , 52 wkts @ 12 , best 6-23 , 2x5w , 145 catches
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1968, 1972, 1974 - 2nd XI Batsman 1980, 1985, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993

Russell Wood RHB.1968-1984.Fast Opening Bowler.
Only no.10 when only 10 players !.
Along with John Coles the best bowler Manor had in the 70'80's. Rivalling Knight, Watts, Rickard and Coles for the title of best ever bowler. Short in stature with low run-through-style, his accuracy and pace on grass wickets was sometimes unplayable. His career figures are only bettered by Rickard. Took 7 wickets on 13 occasions - 8 wickets on 8 occasions and 9 wickets on 4 occasions - best season 1974 when he took 111 wickets at average of 8 ! when he also took 5 wickets or more 9 times !.Won 1st XI Bowling Cup for 9 consecutive seasons , 1971-79. Took 80 or more in a season 6 times.Took clubs ninth Hat-Trick.Averaged 2.5 wickets per match...Took twice as many wickets as runs scored...Took 4 of the 9 1st XI Bowling Figs that are 9 wickets or more - 9-19 , 9-31 , 9-37 , 9-44...Averaged 12 overs per match , which when you consider strike-rate and runs per over conceeded meant throughout the 1970's Manor would be stiff opposition if he was in Manors team. Astounding number of 5w hauls , this he achieved every 6 matches.
Tried his hand at County League for Worthing at the beginning of the '80's, so in fact never played a League game for Manor prior to finishing his career in 1984.
Sadly died of cancer at the age of 42 in 1988.
335 matches , 360 runs @4, high 29 , 876 wkts @10 , best 9-19 , 57x5w
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979

Richard 'Dicky' Garrett LHB.1969-1996.
Stylish Left Hander. Occasional Tweeker.Outstanding fielder.Very Good Keeper
Generally thought of by his peers as the most naturally talented of Manor Batsmen through the 70's and early 80's. Like many left handers his range of shots were sometimes brilliant and also the cause of many disappointments. Joining manor in his late teens in '69 his fortunes over the following years fluctuated.Took 5 seasons to score his first 50, in 1973 when completing 359 runs@16 also took his CB of 5-14 with his Chinamen.Between 74&77 he scored a further 3 50's not quite fulfilling the consistency.In '78 however he scored 682 runs @ 21 including 1x100 & 2x50's his 1st hundred for Manor. In 79,80 and 81 he only played a handful of matches , but returned in 1982 with his best season yet. 540 runs @ 45 with 77n for the 1st XI and 102 and 123n for the 2nd XI. His partnership of 235 for the 1st Wkt with M.Livermore still stands as the all-wicket record for the 2nds.(he also shared a 222n partnership with Livemore earlier in season)..His last match for the 1st XI was in 1984. Between 1985 & 1995 he played just 3 matches for the 2nds. Playing 4 matches in 1996 he showed he still had that natural ability , scoring a 50 in one of his 3 innings. One player that proves 'statistics' don't tell the whole story.
340 matches , 4138 runs @ 16 , best 123n , 3x100 8x50 , 52 wkts @22 , best 5-14 , 2x5w , 132 catches 23 , stumpings

Norman Johnson LHB.1969-1976.
6'3" Left-Arm Fast Medium Bowler & Six Hitter
Represented Sussex CCC 2nd XI in 60's and was offered contract, but declined as salary wasn't enough to sustain. For Manor conceeded less than 2.5 runs per-over.
As a batsman held the six-hitting record in a season until overtaken by Les Lenham.59 career sixes in career.In an innings of 32 in 8 mins off 9 balls he hit the last 4 balls of an over for 6.
His seasonal record reads, (1969) 36w @ 9.9, (1970) 79w @ 10, (1971) 51w @ 11, (1972) 4w @ 31, (1973) 8w @ 16, (1974) 14w @ 22, (1975) 48@10, (1976) 31@12. Some of the best figures he took were (6-20, 7-38, 6-13, 5-28, 5-15, 5-7). Overall he averaged nearly 12 overs per game, taking 2.4 wickets per game.
In that 1970 season those 79 wickets came despite not playing until June as he'd been playing for Sussex 2nd's where he took 30+ wickets - a combined 100+ for the summer.
He took clubs second hat-trick & Won 1st XI Bowling Cup. Son, Steve Luckhurst would later break many records, but was not half the bowler his father was.

112 matches , 1153 runs @13 , high 49n , 271 wkts @11 , best 7-38 , 15x5w
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1970

Les Lenham RHB. 1952-1984.
As a young lad he played in the early 1950's for Grammarians, before joining the Sussex CCC Ground staff. His association with the club saw him play the odd game (sometimes just the one, sometimes 3 or 4) during the period from 1958 to late 70's. It is said he played on the Manor park (100 yards from his home) as a child with his cousin Ray Knight.
From late 70's he appeared more frequently and captained the team to the League Title in 1983.
Ex-County Cricketer and regarded coach.
Showed the gulf between club & county cricket even in his 40's/50's. 'Batting Average' record will not be beaten , averaging 63 per innings !. He scored 50 scores of over 50 in his 122 innings!
Bowling figures are also very good with bowling average of just into double figures. Holds club record score as well as numerous other records...13 sixes in an innings..6 times scored a 50 and took 5 wkts in a match..Highest Qualifying average 77.64..In 1983 failed to qualify ,but scored 834 runs at 119.14....Scored 49 in 11 balls..In 1982 scored 6 consecutive 50's...Won 3 1st XI Batting Cups & 3 1st XI Bowling Cups
143 matches , 5372 runs @62.47 , best 178n , 10x100 40x50 , 225 wkts @10.11 best 6-16 ,13x5w.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1979, 1981, 1982 - 1st XI Bowler 1981, 1982, 1984

Geoff Stanford RHB.1972-1997.
Top Order Batsman & Wicket-Keeper.
Not only one of Manors best batsmen - his average in the 1970's was second only to Lenham's , but his Wicket-Keeping records are unlikely to be beaten. Captained Manors' first venture into league cricket in late 70's. Kept wicket when manor won League in 1982.Stands 11th in all-time leading runscorers.Won 1st XI Batting Cup 4 times between 1973 & 1978. (only N Reynolds has more). Leading catcher and leading stumper. Records - 38 catches in 1976.6 times he took 20+ catches in season. He took 6 stumpings in a season 6 times.5 dismissals in a match. Retired in 1997 after a handfull of games in the '90's.
337 matches , 5238 runs @22 , best 102n , 1x100 24x50 , 238 catches 72 stumpings.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978

Nick Bazen LHBat RBowl.1972-1992.
Top Order Batsman and swing bowler.Good Wicket-Keeper
In his teens in mid-late 1970's playing for 2nd XI he had some pretty remarkable bowling figs...Figures of 8-23 7-34 7-38 6-11. Indeed from 1976-1978 his 62 2ndXI wkts cost only 9 each...He Won 2nd XI Batting & Bowling Cups in '77. His Strike-Rate was a wicket every 20 balls...Once had an opening spell of 7 overs which produced 5 wkts for 0 runs !!...Once promoted into the 1st XI he turned into one of manors most consistent batsmen , rotating with Lenhams,Geal and Prees as opening batsman. Over 4000 1st XI runs with a best of 816 in 1981 season. Unfortunately for Manor he was to play less than 40 matches in next 9 seasons whilst 'in the Navy'. Helped Manor win the League in '89. Captain '91-'92 and won 1st XI Batting Cup in 1991 & came 2nd in Bowling Cup.2nd wkt prtnshp of 217n in 1981 with Geal when scoring career best 130 n.o...Left club after being replaced by Neil Reynolds as Captain.His last 3000 runs had come at average of 30.
234 matches , 4745 runs @27 , best 130n , 2x100 23x50 , 197 wkts @13 , best 8-23 , 4x5w , 95 catches.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1991 - 2nd XI Batsman 1977 - 2nd XI Bowler 1977 - Young Player 1979

Roger Geal RHB. 1976-1985.
Opening Batsman & Wicket-Keeper (in Stanfords absence).
After emerging in the mid-70's colts & 2nd XI is regarded as technically one of Manors best ever batsmen.Regularly opened with either Lenham. Only the Lenham's had higher averages in the 1980's.800+ runs in season twice.Scored a 50 every 6 innings. Shared 4 partnerships of over 175 , 2 over 200....1st wkt partnership of 214 with 14 year old Neil Lenham both scored 100's.Won 1st XI Batting Cup in 1983 & 1984.
Only N Reynolds.D Griffin & G Mason have more career 1st XI runs at a higher average.One of two (D Garrett other) Keepers to have held 5 catches in an innings.
254 matches , 5333 runs @26 , high 102n, 3x100 32x50 , 24 wkts @ 16 , best 3-16 , 95 catches , 4 stumpings.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1984, 1985 - Young Player 1978

Mike Livermore .RHB.LHBo.1976-87.
Slow Left Arm Bowler & Opening Batsman.
Although he played 12 seasons for Manor , it was 1980 that will stand as Mike Livermore's pinacle. Playing a total of 44 matches (41 for 2's) in the season he scored 915 runs & took 124 wickets. It was surely down to the 5 did-not-bats that the DOUBLE was missed - the closest any player has got. The record of 911 runs and 115 wkts for the 2nds still stand as individual records.Combined total of 124 wckts is also a club record.(nobody in last 17 seasons has taken more than 70).Bowling figs in 1980 season - 341.4 overs 94 mdns 762 runs 115 wkts 11x5w AVERAGE of 6.6 !! - he took his 50th wkt of that season before the end of May ! - actually took 44 wickets just in May 1980 ! - As a batsman his 126 not out in 1982 still stands as the highest score for the 2nd XI . Won 2nd XI Batting Cup 3 times in total. Shares the 1st&2nd wicket partnership records for the 2nd XI. Shares 2 opening partnerships of over 200 (both with D.Garrett) - Twice scored 50 & took 5 wckts in same match - 2 wkts short of being only one of two in the 6000 run/400 wkt career club...3 times he took 7 wickets in an innings.His record for the 1stXI was also good. 100+ career wickets...Won 2nd XI Batting Cup in 1978 , 1982 & 1984. & 2nd XI Bowling Cup in 1980.
320 matches , 6230 runs @22 , best 126n , 1x100 30x50 , 398 wkts @12 , best 7-9 , 18x50 , 83 catches.
Awards - 2nd XI Batsman 1978, 1982, 1984 - 2nd XI Bowler 1980, 1983, 1984

Chris 'Bip' Prees .RHB.1976-present.
Top 4 Batsman. Record Six-Hitter.
Graduating quickly from the mid-70's colts (with Geal/Bazen/Coles) 'Bip' Prees became a regular 1st XI player and regular opener with Geal or either of the Lenham's. Can murder any attack with run-a-minute scoring. Only player to have hit over a hundred 6's. Stands 3rd behind only Neil Reynolds and Danny Griffin in 1st XI run-scoring records , and 4th in Combined career total. Only Steve Eke,Reynolds,Griffin,Mason and Salt have bettered his 965 runs of 1986-when he scored a 100 & eight 50's - Won 1st XI Batting Cup in 1983 & 1986.Scored a hundred in Manors top score of 296-4 in 1992.Scored 2 hundreds in 1994 when winning the 1st XI Batting Cup for 3rd time with 571 runs @57.1..Only Les Lenham has bettered his 20x6's in a season. Hit 7 sixes in an innings of 74 scored in an hour. Was woken from a Sunday afternoon Nap when wicket fell , scored 65 in less than an hour , walked off and went back to sleep -the stuff of dreams !!...In 1991 when Manor came close to winning league his opening partnership with Neil Reynolds was of such good understanding it was of the 'tip & run' variety as well as 'Bips' famous lean-back and smack the ball over teh bowlers head shot.Fewer appearances in recent seasons have been badly felt.
In the last 10 years only Neil Reynolds , Av 35.8 , has bettered his combined average of 35.4 for the 1st XI.
In the 1980's no player scored more than his 3941 1st XI runs.
Has during the '00's played the odd game to keep nudging his stats upwards and still shows the shots of old even though he's approaching his own half-century.
369 matches , 7787 runs @26 , high 113n , 7x100 38x50 , 113 catches , 5 stumpings.
Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1983, 1986, 1994

John Coles .RHB.1978-92
6'4" Match-Winning Fast Bowler.
With his height/build/30 yard run up and devastating pace John Coles is probably the best and fastest bowler Lancing Manor has ever produced , although Russell Wood fans may disagree on both counts. The fact is , if it wasn't for the usual stuffiness of Sussex CCC , John Coles could have probably played regular County Cricket. Fortunately for LMCC John Coles gave good service to his Club with one match winning performances after another. In the early '80s John Coles was too good for many opposing teams and in friendly matches was given only the occasional short spell. From 1980 to 1983 he took 270 wickets at less than 10 runs each ! -Reaching 300 club wickets in his 121st match. In 1982 he achieved the bowling mile-stone of 100 wickets at an average of 9 ! - He took 28 in May alone.Also in 1982 he took 5 wickets in an innings 7 times , including a career best 8-34. Another outstanding bowling performance gave figures of 7-7 off 15 overs !! - - The strength of Manor during this time is shown in the 1980 season he only batted 6 times in 32 matches and in 1981 went 11 consecutive matches without batting.- He was no rabbit with the bat though , a career 50 to prove it , when given the opportunity. From 1984 to 1988 he played only a few games for Manor whilst also playing for Worthing CC. In 1989 however he returned to spearhead Manors Division 2 League Title Win with 37 wickets at 7...Winning Manors 1st XI Bowling Cup for 3rd time as well as the League Bowling Cup for 3rd time.
Was disappointed with Manor team-mates in 1990 when the team prefered to scratch , rather than play a match against strong opposition - since then he has played on and off for Worthing CC in the Sussex County League.
235 matches , 773 runs @11 , high 50 , 1x50 , 508 wkts @11 , best 8-34 , 29x5w
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1980, 1986, 1989 - Young Player 1980 - League Bowler 1981, 1982, 1989

Gordon Collins. 1984-2004.
RHB, Medium-Pace Bowler.
Having bounced around from club to club, (including a long spell with Clapham & Patching where in 1976 he took 146 wickets at 7 each!), Collins arrived at the Manor in his 40's and proved he could still be effective. Especially for the 2nd XI where over the following 20 seasons he would churn out miserly figures and rack up wickets.
He went through phases of playing solely for the 1's to solely in the 2nd's as well as the odd season completely missed.
However his total of over 500 Wickets with a total of 25 x 5w place him in 6th place in the Wicket-Takers' list.
For the 2nd XI he had remarkable spells. Including 20 overs in a match on 6 occassions. He took 8 wickets 3 times. as well as numerous 5's, 6's and a couple of 7-fors.
Three spells really stand out. 24-14-27-4 and 21-11-29-8 and 21-12-22-3 alongside his other 8-11, 8-40, 7-21, 7-44
The 8-11 saw Worthing IV all out for 18. In total for the 2nd XI he took 309 Wickets at 13.4 with 16x5w.
He also took two Hat-Tricks. He twice took more than 50 Wickets in a season.
He could certainly biff it with the bat too. In the 1989 season for the 2nd's he hit 234 runs at 15 with 11 sixes and a Career Best 46. His total of 26 Sixes stands behind Gander in the list of 2nd XI 6-hitters.
In all he won the 2nd XI Bowling Cup 6 times a record number jointly with his old friend Bill Winter.
For the 1st XI his figures were proportionately down a notch, but he still took 209 Wickets @ 19.7 with a further 9 x 5w a best being 6-16.
He nipped out 5-12 on his way to winning the 1st XI Bowling Cup in 1984. Hitting another 14 Sixes for a Career total 40 Sixes - he once famously batted at 11 with 8 needed for victory off one ball....and took an almighty swipe...luckily the ball missed the stumps!. In 1992 he obtained 3 successive Golden Ducks.His last few seasons from the late 1990's saw a drop off in appearances and retirement from the game. He could be a spikey player to captain at times, but at his best he was one of the best with the ball!
349 Matches, 1165 Runs @ 8, High 46, 518 Wickets @ 15.98, 25x5w, Best 8-11
Awards - 1st XI Bowler 1984 - 2nd XI Bowler 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997, 2000, 20002

Jaffa Ullah. 1970-2001 RHB.
Batting improved with age with the last 10 seasons being as profitable as the first 20. Used to frequently fall over when 'Snapping' a catch,hence his nickname.
Great clubman , never complained whether playing for 1st or 2nds or where he bats...
Moved away from Lancing in 1999 causing the club to lose one of its most reliable players. In his 30+ seasons he scored just under 10000 runs being a damn shame he didn't quite reach it.
After nearly 20 seasons for the club he finally scored a 100 during the mid-90's and then followed by another couple over the next year or so. With 39 other scores of over 50, Jaffa is high on the list of 50 scorers.
Became very dogged at the crease in later years often playing the anchor role as John Smyth took centre stage for the 2nds. His batting position a year out of the crease showed courage at times and certainly cut out the LBW, well almost.
Played for Manor on the 2000 & 2001 tours to his new neighbourhood down in Dorset.
661 matches , Runs 9,862 20.46 , High 103n , 3x100 39x50 , 20 wkts @20 , best 5-40 , 168 catches, 4 Stumpings.
Awards - 2nd XI Batsman 1992, 1994, 1996 - Club Fielder 1994

Jeff Read 1994-2005,R-H Bat and Leg-Spin Bowler.
'Ball From Hell' repeated on a regular basis.
Having joined the club in 1994 he remained consistent to the end - although 2005 saw him struggle like the rest of the bowlers to be penetrative. 17 wickets in 13 matches was a disappointing end to a Manor career that left him a dozen short of 500 wickets in a 12 season span. He was nearly always able to tie the opposition down and more often than not the batsmen would try and see him off without risk. A big loss.
In 278 Matches he bowled 2600 overs, just shy of 10 overs per match. He took 14 lots of 5-for's, including a best of 6-20 when the opposition racked up over 200. He also bowled 25-8-65-5 in bowling the most overs in a match away to Storrington, when again the opposition went passed 200.
He passed 50 wickets in a season 3 times, with a further 8 season of 25 wickets or more with a best of 59 wickets in 1996 which included a return of 5-11 of 10 overs. He would surely have got more wickets had Manor played on a grass wicket, although the slope of the Manor Wicket did mean his 'turn down the slope' accounted for many wickets. His batting had it's moments - a swashbuckling 33no at Cuckfield being his top score. He occasionally pulled off a stunning catch and also had the odd run-in with opponents where he certainly stood his ground!
He finished runner up in the bowling averages 3 times - although did nip in to win it in 2003.
Matches 288, 783 Runs @ 9, high 33no, 488 Wickets @19.5, 14x5w, Best 6-20.

Awards- 1st XI Bowler 2003

John Smyth 1994-2002.LHB.
John joined Manor in 1994 and would have won all 9 batting trophies in his time with the club had it not been for the qualification rules in seasons 1994-1996 where you needed 10 complete inns. He was so good that he didn't get out 10 times!. However, once the 2nds XI reduced to playing on saturday's (5 outs then required) he went on a run of 6 wins in a row. Some season's were too reliant on John as he racked up 13 hundreds and 23 fifties in his 95 matches. Quite often the only way Manor 2's got near 200 was if John has paced himself to a ton.
His averages through his time read:- (1994)60.8, (1995)34, (1996)113, (1997)41, (1998)61, (1999) 57, (2000)74, (2001)56, (2002)46. This ultimately gave him a career average of 57, which is quite amazing.
In that 1996 season, he scored 4 hundreds, 4 fifties in his 12 inns to average in three figures, but due to only getting outs 7 times, Jaffa won the Batting Cup with an average 1/5 of Johns!
He gave up playing for Manor at the end of the 2002 season after his 100th Match as the lure of Crown Green Bowls took over - and handed the captaincy over to his Son-in-Law, Andy Murray.
Matches 100, Runs 4,241, High 116n, 13x100 24x50, 4 wickets @ 30, Best 3-54.
Awards - 2nd XI Batsman 1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002

Dave'Shopping','Shops','Jose-Maria'Baker.RHB.Opening Bowler.
Possibly the worlds hairiest man, a 6 foot teddy bear.
Gained nickname through running style similar to an old woman running for a bus carrying two bags of shopping !! - Glen McGrath's sledging is nothing compared to 'Shops'...Once when teamates offered to chip in and pay for a curry for (at the time) teenage lad.....he ordered the most expensive.....a KING PRAWN BHOONA !!
Eight-time winner of the 1st XI Bowling Cup, only Russell Wood (with 9 through the 1970s) has more wins.
In 2007 whilst sharing 10 wickets with Andy Livermore, he helped bowl Hanglton out for a league low of 20.
Apart from a couple of games in 2011 and 2012 his career has ground to a halt. Here, in the Hall of fame - due to that dominant phase at Manor with Cup after bowling Cup.
CAREER STATS. (1's 2's combined)
Matches 304, Runs 2297 @ 15.5, 4x50, High 79, 480 Wickets @ 17.5, 16x5, Best 8-40

Awards- 1st XI Bowler 1998,1999,2000,2002,2004,2005,2007, 2008 - All-Rounder 1997 - Young Player 1990

Neil'Nelly','Funky','Big White Honkey','Renault','Meldrew','Cash-Point','Steve Plunge'ReynoldsRHB.Opening Bat.Left arm slow or'Wasims'.
With fellow openers' has shared 40 stands of 100+. 17 of those with Dan Griffin. Manors' all-time leading run scorer with just over of 20,000 runs.
Scored over a hundred 50's.Remembers every scoring shot during an innings...which annoys scorers !!..clubs leading 'fielding' catcher too...and appearance maker.
"Gooner"...just don't talk to him about Jimmy Carter, or Gus Ceasar or Eddie McGoldrick...or Seaman's pony-tail.
Had the pleasure(!) of being called a 'big white honkey' on the 2001 tour by a 'local-wino' that thought he sounded like a 'Londoner'..a deception that wasn't helped when Nelly claimed he came from Peckham!
Too many records to be listed here - most matches, fielders catches, runs, 100's, 50's and for many years Manors' best skipper of the last 25 years.
2014 followed by 2015 saw no matches played for possibly Manors' greatest player. Back troubles perhaps caused by day after day batting have cut short his career - but hopes all round that he makes it onto the field for a proper send off in the future some time!
CAREER STATS (1's/2's Combined) -
Matches 854, Runs 20,439 @29.4, 26x100, 108x50, High 144, 575 Wickets @19.8, 11x5w, Best 7-21.

Awards- 1st XI Batsman 1989,1990,1992,1993,1995,2001,2003, 2005 - 1st XI Bowler 1990, 2009 - All-Rounder 1991,1994,2000
Young Player 1983 - League Batsman 1995

Two-pace Medium Swing Bowler and solid Batsman. All-Rounder. West Ham fan.
Shaggy's all-round stats place him high in the list of all-rounders - certainly in the Batsman-all-rounder stakes as although his bowling has snaffled wickets on regular occassions, only 3 5-fors in 250 matches show a consistency, but not necessarily able to roll teams over.
That said, most of his career has come in League-time, where bowlers were restricted to 10 overs per match and his 2'fors and 3-fors couldnt therefore go on as bowlers of the 60's an 70's could and take more.
His batting has always been pretty solid and at times explosive - never one to avoid the pull/hook shot which he plays as well as anyone seen at the Manor.
He'd burst onto the scene in 1983 as a 16 year old and biffed 45 on debut and has continued in that way. From 1984 to 1990, Runs 325, 482, 355, 606, 674, 504, 521, wickets 17, 28, 37, 42,39, 54, 22 , all solid seasons. His Top score of 117 in 1990 was a great knock to witness and another dozen 50's were seen in that time. His 504 run / 54 wicket 1989 season made him the only 3rd player ever to do that double after Frank Allen and (twice) John Lane.
Having switched from a 12-yard shuffle and bowl, his run-up is almost Warne-like in that it's now a couple of paces and a bend of the back. This produces big banana in-swingers. Over the next 18 years he played only around 30 matches in total, going sometimes a season, or two, or six seasons without playing at all before his return in 2009 having seen the Website's plea for players. He scored 160 runs including 53no supporting Eke in a great home win as well as nipping out 19 wickets before a knee injury cut short his season in early August.
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 259, Runs 4,567 at 22.95, 1x100, 19x50, High 117, 346 Wickets at 20.05, 3x5, Best 6-59
Awards - All-Rounder 1989, 2010 - Young Player 1984.

Andrew Livermore.
Stylish Right-hand Bat and seam/swing bowler
Returned to club in '99 after a 8 year gap and making up for lost time with stylish runs and swingy-wobbly-dibbly wickets.
Holds the 10-wckt partnership record 109n with Simon Haggis which may stand for a little while....
Had fun on the 2001 tour - except when he dived into a swimming pool only to see 80 float out of a pocket...
The player of the 2007 season. Winning the batting cup, All-Rounders Cup, He won Div3's batting trophy too.
He finished the Leagues second leading wicket taker too - and may have won that too had it not been that the last match of our season was scratched by the opposition with him needing just 2 wickets more.
His 5-5 in 2007 assisted in the record breaking rout of Hangleton.
His 7000+ Runs and near 400 wickets are more than solid efforts. Standing in 9th place in the run-scorers list and 15th in the bowlers list.
His 6 catches at gully (all off Baker) at Ifield remains a record to last.
His dad, Mike and sons, David and Steven, mean three generations of Livermore have played over the last 4 decades. His brother, Simon, returned in 2012 and won the 2nd XI bowler cup in 2013!
He and his two sons left for Storrington CC for 2016 - and he was left at 398 wickets - matching his late fathers' haul.Likely to re-appear at some point, on tour, to get to that 400 milestone.
CAREER STATS (1's & 2's combined) -
Matches 472, 7,238 Runs @ 20.68, 4x100, 35x50, High 129, 398 Wickets @ 21.3, 10x5w, Best 7-46.
Awards - 1st XI Batman 2007, All-Rounder 2007, 2011, 2013 - Div3 Top Run-Scorer 2007, Young Player 1981 - 2nd XI Bowler 1983

Miles'Smiles','Smiley Miley','Scerri Monster','Ooh Scerri','Sherry','Edu'Scerri .RHB.League Keeper.
Not alot of feet movement when he bats, but a stand and deliver style produces some explosive knocks.
Has developed into a first team shoe-in who's attacking play is also supported by his enthusiasm behind the stumps - he also bowls nippy swingers, which have been under-used in matches where he isn't keeping.
These attributes won him the all-rounders Cup in 2002 & 2008.
His career best of 6-19 means he joined an illustrious list of six players (Les Lenham, John Lane, Neil Reynolds, Paul Thurston and Andrew Livermore) who've hit a ton and taken a 6-for.
Left club for Storrington in 2017, leaving behind a record as one of the most destructive batsmen of recent years. His 152no is one of the top scores for the club.
CAREER STATS - (1's, 2's combined)
Matches 213 - Runs 4,366 @ 25.68 3x100, 23x50, Best 152no, 92 Wickets @ 20, 1x5, Best 6-19

Awards - All-Rounder 2002, 2008

Steve'EEKIE'Eke..49.RHB.Opening Bat, Wicket-Keeper
Stylish batsman who , along with Neil Reynolds , was one-half of the most successfull opening pair-until the discovery of Dan Griffin. Still holds with Reynolds the opening partnership record of 244 unbroken , when both players scored 100's.
Back in 1984 he scored a hundred for the 2nd XI, 103 at 17y/o and was soon promoted to the 1st XI.
In 1986 he racked up 793 runs average 30. He scored 2 hundreds including 120. The following year he won the 1st XI Batting Cup with 713 runs @ 34 including another hundred and 5 50's.
He won the 1st XI Batting Cup again in 1988 when scoring 520 runs at 31 including his top score of 172 , he fell just 6 short of Les Lenhams record , which he was un-aware of , with overs still to play. In 1989 he became only the 2nd , Neil Reynolds had become the first a few weeks earlier , player to score 1000 runs in a season when he scored a total of 1023 runs at 38 with 1x100 & 10x50s finishing 2nd in the Averages to Reynolds.
Only Roger Geal scored more runs at a better average in the 1980s. He left to play for Littlehampton CC in the County League and then into the Surrey League(?) with a.n.other club.
For Manor he scored a 50 every 6 innings.His last 3000 runs had come at an average of over 30
In 1999 after some 10 years away he returned to Manor and played 3 matches. After 2 dubious LBW's his 3rd match brought a 90 minute 115.
Neil Reynolds remarked that Eke is the best he'd seen at Lancing Manor, high praise indeed.
CAREER STATS - (1's & 2's combined)
Matches 248, Runs 5,539 @ 28.55, 8x100, 30x50, High 172, 50 wickets @ 20, Best 3-14

Awards - 1st XI Batsman 1987, 1988 - 2nd XI Batsman 1983

Danny'Dan','Griff','Lurch',Shoaib','the man on the floor','Dave Grohl'Griffin
.RHB. 6'5" Opening Bat. 2003 League Skipper.
Un-orthodox , but savager of poor bowling - similar in many ways to Kevin Pieterson (shape'n'shots)
His career average is 2nd only to Les Lenham's of anyone with 1000+ runs.
Best fielder at Club ('holds' season catching record).Loves making teas..Blue-Icing his speciality.Basically a loony...smoking carrots...swimming fully-clothed..all caught on camera ! (see tour pics!).
Having racked up some 400 matches in 15 seasons, his love of the game has fizzled out - in recent seasons he's appeared only a handful of times each summer, whereas 30-40 matches a season were the norm in his younger days. Thats not to say he isn't as destructive as he was in the past, as his 117 on the second day of the 2007 Brussels tour - an unbelievable innings that allowed Manor to chase down 230+ in a 35 over match in gloom and drizzle. Superb.
Still young enough to be the most likely challenger to Reynolds' total runs/number of hundreds....actually, he moved to Derbyshire in 2013 and we lost him for good - bar a one-off game in 2019 when he hit 33no to see us home. Much missed on and off the field.
CAREER STATS (1's, 2's Combined) -
Matches 445, 13,240 Runs @ 35.98, 16x100, 76x50, High 160, 133 Wickets @ 22, 1x5, Best 5-57

Awards- 1st XI Batsman 1996,1998,2000,2002 - Young Player 1992 - Clubman 2004

'Strawberry Blonde','Jason Mason','Perry','Shermanator','Ian-Bell-a-like','Exec-Club'Mason.
53.RHB.Top Order Batsman.
Ginger-Haired Cap-Wearing Leicester Lad.
Techically our best all-round batsman, with the flick off his legs through mid-wicket his best shot - (the cut, perhaps is not !).Purple patch in '97 with 8 consecutive scores over 40. Scandalous Stag-Night photos, mainly of Dan's Bum, you had to be there, glad I wasn't !
The career average stays around 32 which is testament to his ability. Only Dan Griffin and Les Lenham can claim to have a higher average of any batter in the top 50 '1st XI' Run-Scorers.
He overtook Reynolds as the leading catcher in the clubs' history.
2020 Moved to Findon to support his son, Sam. He may come back one day!
Played 1 match in 2021 to help the club out, none in 2022, maybe 2023 will see him nudge towards that 500th match.
CAREER STATS. (1's/2's combined) -
Matches 491, Runs 12,077 @ 31.78 5x100, 74x50, High 122no, 27 wickets at 30, Best 3-31, 290 Catches, 31 Stumpings.

Awards- 1st XI Batsman 1997,1999,2019 - All-Rounder 2009, 2015 - Fielder 1995