Photo Gallery

Worthing Old Grammarians Cricket Club - 1935
Picture taken at Petworth Park by a local reporter (also those below).
Names of players not quite discovered yet!.
Apart from Lionel Watson, the club stalwart and keeper, who is seen here with pads on, back row, 2nd right.
He was to play for the club for 25 more years after this picture was taken!
The Manor Ground, Lancing - 1958
This 'Postcard' had been 'coloured' at the time of production, as the roof of the Pavilion was actually grey tiles.
But the touch-up does add a little character - and just look at that large playing 'square'.

Worthing Old Grammarians Touring XI. The likes of Akam, Batchelor and Allen were among the top players of the 50's and early 60's

Lancing Manor Ground - 1960.
Taken a couple of summers after Worthing Old Grammarians had moved from their Forest Road ground in Worthing to the Manor.

Worthing Old Grammarians Cricket Club - 1962 - match played at Amberley.
Steve Slater, George Winton, Phil Akam, Roy Loveland, Tony Watts, Ken Batchelor, Brian Moore.
Four unknown youngsters!

Worthing Old Grammarians Cricket Club - 1962 - match played at Amberley.
Players take the field.
Tony Watts, 3rd from left, looking quite menacing, took over 330 wickets at 8 runs each in his short time with the club.
Lancing Manor in the mid 1960's
Venue looks a great place to play cricket.
So much so that Sussex CCC cricketers quite often had the odd benefit match there - helped of course that Les Lenham had strong links with both 'clubs'

Hewitt/Watts/Dawson ended up with a combined 750+ wickets at less than 9 each. However, this game was lost by 10 wickets defending 72!