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Action from the 2010 Season.

Bits'n'Bobs 2010.

Lancing Manor 2nd XI. Saturday 17th July 2010. Home to Horsham Trinity.
back - Rob Slater, Brad Hunt, Andy Murray(c), Colin McKail, Hugo Harding, Nick Brown
front - Steven Livermore, Sam Gunn, Owen Voice, Matt Firkins, Steven Chadwick.

The Manor looks pretty good from this angle. Ruby Murray steaming in.

The ground in all its summer glory. About as good as it gets.
Steven Livermore is at square leg - not looking poised to pounce as Ruby is about to deliver the ball!

Owen Voice, preparing to stop those wides/byes....and pouch the odd catch

Nick Brown nipped out a wicket in his opening spell, nicked to Voice!"

Brad Hunt took two wickets in two balls and put Manor on top early on.


"Ruby Murray biffed through the covers for Four"

"Nick Fudge Din-Dins Brown storms in..."