Photo Gallery

Action from the 2009 Season.

Bits'n'Bobs 2009.

Steve Luckhurst became only the 5th player to reach 600 matches.
Unfortunately, the scoreboard at Sx Uni only went up to 300!

Owen Voice, Miles Scerri, David Livermore at Preston Park, 16/5/09, prior to the match with Brighton Electricity.
Around 4 hours later David's 6-25 ripped through the order and set up a narrow win.

With Manor top of the league, the local paper sent a photographer...
Gary Mason, Dave Smith, Andy Murray, Chris Salt, Neil Reynolds, Dave Baker
David Livermore, Nick Brown, Andrew Livermore(c), Owen Voice, Simon Haggis

Mr Smith doctored a picture from the local Herald.........
Our opening bowler wasn't exactly caught in the best position!
Young David Livermore below shows the form that brought him 6-24 earlier in the season.