Photo Gallery

Easter Touch Up for the Club House.

March 2005.

Supporting the Chairman, a fine body of men, plus Nige, gave the dusty old club house a bit of a sprucing.

Marilyn, Rubes, Smudger, Lurch, Mr C
Mr Andrew Livermore.

Nige did as expected, turned up late, then spent hours on the phone, in between fags, so to speak.

Andy Murray showing how you can paint, smoke and sup tea at the same time.

Mr Voice showing that if you paint with your left hand it feels like someone else's brush.

Dan Muncer caught in the act of painting when he should have been eating a biscuit.

Dan using his Heineken brush - reaching parts others cant reach!

Livers,Smithy,Dan,Muncie and Rubes contemplate another cup/coat/chocy bic.