Photo Gallery

Some scenes from the 2003 season.

Manor's Sunday XI host Unicorns, April 27th.

Having waited all winter on 499, this match was Steve Luckhurst's 500th for the club.
To show how many this is, numbers are very cleverly held up for all to see.

Chris Hazlehurst finally got in picture.
Just as someone (Dan) was saying he's never done it on plastic (ooh er), 'Yorkie' biffed 44.
This including a 6, through a tree into the side of a bus....

...this despite wearing dodgey looking black trainers. Well, we did have a new mat and spikes are a big no-no.

Manor's Sunday XI visit Watersfield, July 6th.

Fred, Martin, Matt
Four members of the Steven's family appeared for Manor at Watersfield on July 6th.
Fred(dad) and Dan (eldest son) were making their debuts whilst Matt (middle son) was playing his second match.
Martin (Youngest son) in his second season with the club was appearing for the 30th time.

Manor's League 1st XI visit Shoreham, July 19th.

Dan Griffin, suitably miffed having got out.

Nige French, also miffed at getting a straight one.

Owen Voice, prior to supporting Chris Hazlehurst in the winning partnership.

Gaz Mason, Dave Smith, Chris Hazlehurst all looking forward to battling on the Shoreham wicket.

Steve Luckhurst, avoiding umpiring.

"The Boy" Wayne Collins, fresh from his 2nd League 5-for this season - which included a hat-trick.
He now joins his father in a unique record of both father and son taking a hat-trick for the club.