Photo Gallery - Jaffa Ullah's Club Match.

Jaffa Ullah - 30 Seasons have seen 655 matches for LMCC

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Jaffa Ullah's XI
back - Nigel French, Jim Kublin, Terry Griffin, Dave Baker, Nick Brown
front - Graham Mitchell, Neil Wooller, Gary Mason, Jaffa Ullah, Chris Dunne

Dave Smith's XI
back - Trevor Cummings, Jeff Read, Henry Nelson, Andy Murray, Ian Hansford, Alan Bustable
front - Danny Griffin, Dave Smith, Ron Crowe, Craig Smith, Steve Luckhurst

The Players.. , including Tony Haggis (red shirt)...

Forget the model action of Beefy ....check out Neil'Biscuit'Wooller as the Umpire !

Dan Griffin in full flow....